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Prenatal Course for Multiples - Babies in Belly
Prenatal Course for Multiples

Welcome to Your Prenatal Course! 

Important Notice: This course, previously available to paying members only, has been now unlocked to the public to access for free. Its content is no longer being maintained, as of 2018. There may be broken links, outdated advice, and outdated product recommendations. There is still useful information and lessons to be learned, but all content on this site should be considered anecdotal.

Consult your health care practitioner for medical advice.

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Each class is comprised of several lessons/subtopics, so you may wish to work on one or two lessons a week, depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy. 

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The introduction consists of 5 highly-engaging and interactive lessons ideal to complete as soon as you find out you are carrying twins, triplets or more:

Overview of Multiples Pregnancy

Types of Multiples

Finding Support

Prenatal Diet and Nutrition

Bonding with More than One


This section saves you many hours of research by telling you exactly what you need to look for in a stroller and other necessities. This unit is ideal for you to complete early in the second trimester, if possible.

Shopping Lists and Discounts

Strollers for more than one



Breast, Bottle or Both? This is one of the biggest concerns that keep parents up at night. This section will help you sort through the misinformation and get straight to the facts.

Introduction to Feeding

Skin:Skin Contact, Pumping

Feeding in Action


Managing bathtime with more than one baby, coping with crying, organizing your volunteers, dealing with post-partem depression, keeping the flame alive… these 8 lessons will get you through the final weeks of your pregnancy and into the first several months of Multiples parenthood!

Vaginal vs. C-section Delivery

Handling Newborns




Helpful Help

Crying, PDD and Other Care

Summary and Feedback


Our bonuses are designed to address topics that are sometimes avoided or overlooked.

Bringing Home Premature Babies (PDF)

Dad’s Corner

Singleton Siblings


DISCLAIMER: The contents of this website are meant as guidance, rather than medical advice.
For specific health care concerns or questions related to your multiples pregnancy,
please seek the guidance of a licensed medical practitioner.