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Are You Having Twins,
Triplets or More?


As you may have already discovered, being pregnant with twins, triplets or more is vastly different than being pregnant with a singleton. Finding the help you need can seem like an impossible task.

We are here to support you through your multiple birth experience.Alex and Simon

As a mother of twins, I know how it feels to take ordinary prenatal classes that aren't geared towards multiples.

When I was pregnant with our twins, Alex and Simon, my partner and I didn't get anything from our classes that we hadn’t already read in a book somewhere.

None of the hospital instructors were parents of multiples, so while we got a lot of decent medical information, we didn’t hear an honest, heartfelt account of what it was really going to be like, bringing home more than one newborn.

And while we enjoyed some of the activities presented in the course, there was a lot of “sit and git”, something I, as a constructivist educator, am totally opposed to!

When Alex and Simon arrived, my partner and I weren't prepared for the intense, stressful reality of raising twins.

We needed information geared specifically towards multiple births.

Our Classes Are Different. Babies in Belly offers convenient, virtual prenatal classes taught by a certified teacher and mother of monozygotic twin boys.

Together, you and your partner will:


checkmark Stay organized and maintain your daily routine without getting overwhelmed

checkmark Learn how to cope with the feelings of uncertainty and nervousness that often come up during a twins pregnancy

checkmark Save countless wasted hours of research during this critical time in you and your new babies' lives

checkmark Help you stay optimistic and keep your relationship thriving

Wendy Robertson

from Toronto, Canada wrote:


"We enjoyed the sessions and found them very useful... especially after attending a two-hour hospital class that didn't cover nearly as much as we got with you!

Thanks Vera!"


Highlights and Benefits:

checkmark Learn what common foods to avoid that are harmful during pregnancy

checkmark Find out exactly what kind of stroller and the other important gear you'll need to buy

checkmark Uncover special discounts for twins that you would have never expected

checkmark Learn tips and tricks for how to manage the critical first weeks at home with your newborns

checkmark Sort through all the controversy and find out which feeding strategy is best for your babies' health.

checkmark Discover what you can do to reduce preterm labour

By working through an online course at your own pace, 
you'll get the information YOU need, when you need it the most.

Course Sections:

Our full course consists of:

4 Units plus 1 FREE Bonus Section.units

Each unit:

  • Includes multiple lessons, broken up into smaller, manageable chunks
  • Engaging activities, videos, text, photos, diagrams
  • Interactive games and links to additional online resources.

Navigate the tabs above to see more details of each section. 

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The introduction consists of 5 highly-engaging and interactive lessons ideal to complete as soon as you find out you are carrying twins, triplets or more.

  1. Overview of Multiples Pregnancy
  2. Types of Multiples
  3. Finding Support
  4. Prenatal Diet and Nutrition
  5. Bonding with More than One
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This section saves you many hours of research by telling you exactly what you need to look for in a stroller and other necessities. This unit is ideal for you to complete early in the second trimester, if possible.

    1. Shopping Lists and Discounts
    2. Strollers for more than one
    3. Diapers
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 Breast, Bottle or Both? This is one of the biggest concerns that keep parents up at night. This section will help you sort through the misinformation and get straight to the facts. 

    1. Introduction to Feeding
    2. Skin:Skin Contact, Pumping
    3. Feeding in Action 
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Managing bathtime with more than one baby, coping with crying, organizing your volunteers, dealing with post-partem depression, keeping the flame alive… these 8 lessons will get you through the final weeks of your pregnancy and into the first several months of Multiples parenthood! 

    1. Vaginal vs. C-section Delivery
    2. Handling Newborns
    3. Bathtime
    4. Sleep
    5. Schedules
    6. Helpful Help
    7. Crying, PDD and Other Care
    8. Summary and Course Feedback
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Our bonuses are designed to address topics that are often avoided or overlooked.

    • Bringing Home Premature Babies
    • Dad’s Corner
    • Singleton Siblings
    • Older and Expecting?
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Your Instructor: 

Vera C. Teschow

O.C.T., M.Ed., M.O.T.

  Certified teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) for over a decade.

 8 years of experience with expectant parents of multiples just like you

 Member of MBC's Health and Education Committee

 Mother of mono-zygotic twin boys

Best of all, Vera is available to you for free consultation throughout your course!


Vera with her twin boys, 
Alex and Simon

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"It is very evident that Vera wants the best for her viewers. This course is exciting, exhilarating and heartfelt.

Expectant parents of multiples will benefit, and be able to just sit back and enjoy their babies, rather than stressing out over every detail. "


Lynda P. Haddon 
Multiple Birth Educator

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"An excellent overview... thorough, comprehensive, objective - everything we wanted and more. We feel much better prepared. "

Etobicoke, ON

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“It was a real pleasure taking your course. Not only was it informative, but it was fun as well. My husband and I were much better prepared for the arrival of our multiples. Thank you, Vera!”

Renata and Michael
London, England

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"When I found out that I was expecting twins almost 7 years ago, it took me hours of research at the library and the Internet to seep through a lot of material and get to the real, important stuff...

I so wish I had a course like Vera's to lay a solid foundation on what I needed to inform myself. What better person to go to than a mother of twins herself, and a teacher!

I know first hand how much time, research, and experience with other families with multiples Vera has invested. If you are looking for an excellent, well-rounded, head start of what lies ahead, make no mistake about it; you have arrived!"

Ericka Cotter
Mother of MZ Twin Boys 

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"Thank you, Vera, for all your support both during and after my pregnancy!"

Vida Asuama
Mother of twins and triplets
Toronto, Ontario

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“Two weeks into this and I will tell you that you definitely painted a realistic picture of what life would be like with twins; it's full-on, fast paced and the toughest thing that we have ever done.  

That said, it's incredible and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Lots of your sessions are coming back to us now, specifically the stuff about breastfeeding.  

You were one of the only people who even mentioned the fact that it isn’t ‘all or nothing’ when it comes to breastfeeding – we just wanted to thank you for your open and honest advice on this topic.”

John and Wendy
Brampton, Ontario

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Common Questions:

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What's the difference between Babies in Belly's Online Prenatal Course and a hospital prenatal class?

You will find that I (Vera, the course creator), cover many of the same topics as the hospital courses, but the topics are delivered with more of a personal touch, since I myself have experienced through the process of carrying, bearing and parenting multiples. I also focus on more of a long-term vision of parenting multiples, since this challenge is one that does not end with labour and delivery.

Another thing I try to do differently than many hospital-based prenatal courses is to address contentious issues like feeding and diapering with a critical lense, and give you objective information about several options. This way you are better equipped to make choices that best meet the needs of your family.

How soon should we sign up for prenatal classes?

I recommend enrolling in BabiesInBelly course as soon as you find out you are pregnant with more than one, since Section One covers many pregnancy-related issues and answers most of the the “what’s it all about with twins/triplets/quads”-type questions.

The course then moves on to give you a good overview of all the gear and supplies you’ll need, so it’s a good idea to complete Section Two (”Gear and Supplies”) before you go shopping for all your “stuff”, usually sometime near the beginning of the second trimester (this allows for more time to plan and budget for what you’ll need).

The third section of the course addresses breast and bottle feeding, and Section Four deals primarily with baby care, sleep issues and other parenting matters, so it is useful to wait until the third trimester for this one. Since multiples frequently arrive early, I reccommend beginning sooner rather than later. Should you find yourself hospitalized early or on bedrest, your course is of course accessible bedside at home or hospital (provided you have Internet access).


Isn't it better to take group classes?

Meeting and maintaining relationships with other POMs (”Parents of Multiples”) is vital to a successful parenting experience.

In the first section of the course, we’ll explore practical ways to do this online and in-person, and you will be supplied with local and national networks, resources and organizations that support families with twins, triplets and more.

Why do I need a multiples-specific prenatal class? Can’t I just take any old prenatal class?

As you’ve probably already discovered if you are carrying more than one baby and have done a little reading, being pregnant with multiples is vastly different than carrying a singleton.

There are different risks as well as deeper and broader levels of preparation required for carrying, birthing and raising multiple birth children. A practical  approach to prenatal preparation, shared by someone who’s “been there” can help you increase your confidence as you await the arrival of your new babies.

You may also find that in a “regular” prenatal class, you are a bit of a circus act–everyone else either admires or pities you. This can become quite tiresome after the initial novelty wears off!  Our multiples-specific approach is geared specifically towards those expecting twins, triplets or more.


Interactive Prenatal Games and ActivitiesInteractive Prenatal GamesInteractive Games
& Activities

Learning doesn't have to be boring.

That's why Babies in Belly's Prenatal Course includes interactive activities and games that will help you learn in a fun way.

Printable Materials

Printable Documents Printable
Course Materials

You will find special reports, checklists, and other helpful materials that supplement your learning throughout your pregnancy. 

There are also questionaires that you and your partner can use to make sure you're both on the same page. 

Works on mobile devices too!

Works on mobile devicesWorks on mobile devices

That means you can take Babies in Belly's classes with you wherever you go. You will love the convenience of completing your prenatal classes from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you have Internet access.

Note: There are just a couple activities in the course that use Flash (which your mobile device may not support)


Our 100% Risk Free Guarantee:

We've worked hard to fill this prenatal course
with the highest quality information possible.

If you disagree with us, contact us at any time for a complete refund. 
No strings, no fine print; no monkey business.

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