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A Fun Birthday Tradition - Babies in Belly

A Fun Birthday Tradition


Posted by vera | Posted in Parenting | Posted on 16-05-2012


April 2012 marked my boys’ 8th birthday. For those readers still expecting, or newly minted as parents of multiples, I know 8 must seem like an eternity!! Believe me, I can hardly believe we are out of the baby and toddler stages, and well into middle childhood!

As I was pouring through photos from this year’s events, I couldn’t help but smile at the evolution of a tradition we started on Alex and Simon’s first birthday.

When the boys turned one, we wanted to mark the day with something a little out of their ordinary routine, so we attached a helium-filled birthday balloon to each high chair. They were mesmerized by the floating orbs, and delighted in looking up at them as they waited for their “breakfast” (mushy cereal, of course, at 12 months!)

Each year since that first birthday, we continue to adorn Alex and Simon’s birthday table with festive balloon arrangements, adding now a few toys, books and clothing (8-year-olds are not as easily appeased as one-year-olds!) and the boys continue to enjoy this birthday balloon tradition.

As you wade through the busy moments, days and months of your twins’, triplets’ or quads’ first year, remember to take a few moments for thinking ahead to the future: What special traditions will *you* integrate into your children’s lives?


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