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triplet boysThis morning, I had the great privilege of spending a few hours doing some intensive intervention with two Kindergarten-age triplets.

Jason and Jeremy (or, “Ya-ya-me”, as his brothers call him!), are two of five boys in a “double” multiple births family my husband and I volunteer with.  This family has been blessed with twin boys, followed by triplet boys, all naturally conceived.  All five children are happy, more-or-less healthy, and full of energy!  But, living in poverty, they are already suffering at school:  Having started at a deficit, they are all academically behind, and it is beginning to show in some of their at-school behavior.

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Missing Grandma

Today is December 22, the day my Mother died 16 years ago.

As I do every year, I review the day of her death, the weeks and days leading up to it, and the final hours preceding the aftermath of a 21-year-old coping with the logistics of funeral arrangements and final tax returns while managing an elderly grandmother.  Read the rest of this entry »

Christmas Shopping For Twins Without Breaking The Bank

Twins ChristmasWith Christmas just around the corner, many parents of multiples wonder about holiday gift shopping for their twins, triplets or more.

Do you get them each something different, one or two bigger items for them to share?  How do you stretch your dollars at this spending season?

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STOP! Look, and Listen

twin AThis past week, I had the opportunity to attend a provincial training session for educators where I heard Avis Glaze, and outstanding educator and leadership guru speak.

What she said struck a chord with me not only in relation to my life as a teacher, but also as a mother of multiples.  Ms. Glaze spoke of the importance of putting people first, of stopping what one is doing when a person comes into the room, and of attending to that person in a warm and authentic manner. Read the rest of this entry »

Pregnant With Twins? Look for the The “Personal Touch” in your Prenatal Classes.

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twin boysRecently, I was auditing a colleague’s prenatal course geared towards mothers pregnant with twins, and it caused me to think back to my own twins pregnancy six years ago.

I remember panicking when we discovered we were expecting multiples.  I started to Google for information – there was way too much!  Read the rest of this entry »

Need More Protein? Give your Babies a Shake!

Pregnant with TwinsOne of the challenges when feeding your baby belly can be getting enough protein in your prenatal diet, especially when carrying twins, triplets or more.  But protein is a critical ingredient in building healthy brains and more.  So some expectant mothers of multiples have found it helpful to supplement their pregnancy diet with a protein shake.

Especially for vegetarian women expecting multiples, a protein shake can be a great way to increase this all-important factor in your prenatal diet.  A good quality whey or soy protein powder, mixed with some yogourt, rice milk, a banana or whatever else your tummy desires, is an excellent way to give your babies a little extra boost. Read the rest of this entry »

“What Makes Endless Diapers and Sleepless Nights… Worthwhile”

twin boys on couchWorking hard on the computer tonight, and periodically throwing a “STOP!” over my shoulder  at the boys, who were wrestling on the couch while watching Treehouse…  Suddenly I became aware it was omonously quiet. What were they up to now?!  I looked over, and there they were, snuggled up together like two little bunnies!!!  Ahhhh, twins.  THIS, my friends, is what makes the endless diapers and sleepless nights of the first three years all worthwhile.  The long-awaited pay-off has arrived!

No sooner did I try to snap their peaceful photo, though, then they became deliriously silly, climbing all over one another.

I suppose they will soon enough be angry teenagers, telling me where to go!

Advocating for Yourself at Work

As you may have already discovered, a multiples pregnancy is vastly different from having a singleton, and it is helpful to surround yourself with a network of support as soon as possible.

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll also need to begin the dialogue with your employer. Bosses who only have experience with singleton pregnancies tend to underestimate the nature and timelines of accommodations necessary for employees pregnant with multiples, so you may need to do some gentle but firm education, supported—if necessary – by a doctor’s note or some fact sheets from your national multiple birth’s support group. Read the rest of this entry »

Study: Birth Risks Lower When Twins are Both Girls

Israeli researchers studied 2,704 sets of twins. Results suggested that having twins girls (compared to having twin boys) presents less birth complications and fewer newborn health problems. Read the full story here.

Separation Anxiety

Last night my five year old twin boys slept in their own rooms for the first night.  For five years they have slept together in the same room, at first even in the same crib.  But lately, Twin B has been requesting his own space, and so, over the past few weeks, we’ve slowly been relocating the office downstairs, so that each boy can have his own bedroom.

It was cute to hear their little feet pitter patter back and forth last night, as they visited each other a few times, before finally settling down in their respective rooms.  I think that although individual space seemed like a good idea in the daylight, come night time, our little twins may have been having second thoughts about their great separation plans, lol!  In any case, they survived the night and in fact, slept quite well.

I was reminded of the many nights prenatally with twins that we lacked sleep (well, me, anyway, and then both me and my husband, once the dear babes were born, hehe!)  The first few months with newborn twins is pretty intense… Prenatal classes didn’t help… unlike the one I now teach, the multiples-specific prenatal course we took at the hospital didn’t really address the nitty gritty of how to manage the intense sleep deprivation that inevitably comes with two, three or more newborns in the home!

How I marvel at my BIG little boys.  This evening, they played nicely together after dinner, and then went to their own beds without a hitch. Just wait until they are teenagers wanting their own cars!!!