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Worried About Delivering by C-Section? - Babies in Belly

Worried About Delivering by C-Section?


Posted by vera | Posted in Twins or Multiple Birth Pregnancy | Posted on 04-03-2013

Man Kissing Woman's BellyOne of the first things many women expecting twins, triplets or more wonder about is whether or not they can have a vaginal birth for their twins. Although triplets are considered by most health care professionals to be a mandatory “section” delivery, it is often possible to deliver at least one if not both babies vaginally in a twins pregnancy.

Benefits of Vaginal Birth

Delivering twins vaginally offers many benefits to both babies and mom. A recent study reported on in the Toronto Star suggests that in addition to previously known benefits such as respiratory development and transfer of antioxidant reserve, delivering vaginally can also positively impact the make-up of gut bacteria in newborns, which is thought, in turn, to benefit overall health.

The trouble is that even with a healthy twins pregnancy, one doesn’t always have as much control over the delivery as one might with a singleton. Although you may initially hope (and your OBGYN plan) for a vaginal delivery of your twins, you will have to prepare yourself for unexpected circumstances which may arise later in the pregnancy.

Preparing for Labour and Delivery

Some expectant couples choose to read and get as much information about their twins or triplets pregnancy as possible, for example, by taking a multiples-specific prenatal course. Preparing in this way can be helpful in knowing what to expect in a variety of circumstances.

It’s also helpful to read carefully and think critically about information given. The study quoted in the article above, for example, is based on a very small sample size (24 babies) from a narrow geographic and cultural focus (Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario). Many other things can affect the overall health of your babies, and unless you read every scrap of research out there, it’s impossible to know all the factors. So if you end up delivering your twins by caesarian section, that doesn’t mean they are doomed to a lifetime of ill health!

Inform yourself, but don’t hang on to predicaments beyond your control. If labour and delivery don’t go as planned, be forgiving of yourself and others involved. The journey is just beginning, and dwelling on one small phase in that journey can be crippling to you as a parent, especially a parent of twins, triplets or more!


Moving from Pregnancy to Parenting

A good multiples-specific prenatal class will walk you not only through your multiples pregnancy, labour and delivery, but will also offer guidance as you consider life with twins, triplets or more in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Parenting multiple birth children is both a rewarding and a challenging endeavour. Doing whatever you can while pregnant with your twins, triplets or quads is important, but sticking with it for the long haul is even more critical.

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