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Dental Care for Pregnant Mothers - Babies in Belly

Dental Care for Pregnant Mothers


Posted by vera | Posted in Teeth | Posted on 09-02-2012

This is a guest post shared with us from TopDentists.com. Thanks!


Many pregnant women do not fully understand, in advance, the number of ways in which their bodies will be affected by their pregnancies. In fact, however, pregnancy changes the body in just about every way imaginable, well beyond weight gain and other noticeable side effects of pregnancy. Particularly for first-time mothers, or mothers expecting twins, triplets or more, these changes can be alarming and unexpected. For example, did you know that pregnant women are more susceptible to oral health deficiencies? It is of course always a good idea to keep a close eye on your dental health, but if you are expecting to give birth, this is a more important concern than ever.

As you are certainly aware, hormone levels spike considerably in pregnant women, and this is the cause for many of the bodily changes that occur during this period of time. Among these changes is that, due to the hormones, the mouth and gums are more sensitive to plaque that can build up from improper dental care. This can lead to rotting teeth and/or gums diseases such as gingivitis, and it is therefore very important to be vigilant about keeping your mouth clean while pregnant. This part of the body may not directly impact your pregnancy, but it is important to stay as healthy as possible, overall, in the months leading up to childbirth.

Fortunately, all you need to do to avoid problems in your gums and teeth is to practice proper tooth care. The hormones are not the source of the problem, but merely act as an extra irritant – it is the harmful build-up of plaque that you need to make sure you address, and this can be done relatively simply. In fact, if you think you may need some additional advice on how to go about thorough care for your teeth and gums, you can simply visit a site such as TopDentists.com for specific information and dental recommendations.

Again, pregnancies come with a huge variety of bodily issues – particularly for women who are expecting multiples, or women who are pregnant for the first time. You will likely be very preoccupied with everything going on in your life, and it can be easy to overlook simple concerns such as dental care. Just try to keep in mind, throughout your pregnancy, that your body is essentially a different thing entirely when pregnant, and requires additional, careful attention in many ways to stay healthy. Remembering this can be the key element to having a healthy pregnancy.

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