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How Do You Tell Twins Apart? - Babies in Belly

How Do You Tell Twins Apart?


Posted by vera | Posted in Parenting | Posted on 03-06-2010

twins video gamesTheir voices, personalities and other small nuances make mono-zygotic twins Alex and Simon unidentical to us.  But then, we’re their parents.  And yes, we did rely on nail polish and positioning (see Class Three) for the first several months!  Now that the boys are six years old, we are trying to help others distinguish them as well.  A few months back, Alex and I went for a hair cut.  Simon decided to stay late at daycare and play with his friends.  We’ve kept the heady difference, and Simon’s hair is now quite long, making him clearly… NOT ALEX!  🙂

twins boys readingThey both appreciate their unique looks and the individual recognition it fosters amongst family and friends alike.

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