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Keeping Your Babies’ Skin Pure and Safe with Beneficial Products - Babies in Belly

Keeping Your Babies’ Skin Pure and Safe with Beneficial Products


Posted by vera | Posted in Parenting | Posted on 17-06-2012

The following is a guest post contributed by Patricia Rock, Arbonne Skincare Consultant, who writes about healthy skin for expectant mothers of multiples and their babies. Thanks for your contribution, Patricia!

Our first instinct as mothers is to hope for healthy babies! Hope is important but intangible. We can play a large hand in our babies’ health when it comes not only to what products we put in them but also on them, and this process begins before they’re born.

Skin changes during pregnancies, it stretches over our growing womb with some darkening and sometimes itchiness  from a combination of hormones and genetics.  This is particularly evident with multiple births pregnancies. We try to soothe our bodies (and prevent those dreaded “stretch marks”) with ointments that readily absorb into our skin; but we must be vigilant to prevent absorption of harmful chemicals both to us and our unborn twins, triplets and more.

The importance of carefully selecting skin care products continues after the babies are born. Beautiful children born with velvety soft skin sometimes break out in rashes or reddened patches. Often we are told it’s dermatitis or eczema and are handed a prescription for cream to remedy it. But that’s simply treating the problem after it has already occurred; we need to look at how it happened in the first place and strive for prevention.

Stores have large selections of “natural” skin and body care products, but prior to purchasing, you owe it to yourself and your babies to research the company producing it. Some questions to ask are:

•What’s the company’s stance on ingredients such as silicone derivatives?

•Is the company “cruelty free” in its testing practices?

•Does the company use plant based, botanical oils rather than earth based petro-chemical oils?

•Is their focus on a toxin free line of skin care or just one that smells good?

It’s important products are made of ingredients you can actually read and understand – such as avocado oil and safflower oil – not just six syllable words that don’t mean a thing to you. There is longstanding evidence that many cosmetics and personal care products commonly used contain up to eight ingredients which are precursors of formaldehyde. This is readily absorbed through the skin and can compromise our health as we absorb so much faster through our skin than we do through our gut (consider placing a garlic bud between your toes and see how soon you taste it).

My healthcare background made me question if many of these so-called “natural” products were actually “healthy” choices. In this search for the healthiest and safest products, I found Annie Leonard’s “The Story of Cosmetics” an eye-opener on what we put onto our bodies and a good starting point for further research.

As parents we hold our family health in the highest priority, so isn’t it time we shifted to a prevention approach rather than curative?  As expectant mothers of multiples, we deserve the very best for our babies and ourselves from the pregnancy and newborn marketplace.

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