Multiple Births Canada– (MBC) is a national non-profit organization serving the needs of multiple-birth families. MBC’s mission is to improve the quality of life for multiple-birth individuals and their families across Canada.  MBC provides support, education, research, and advocacy to individuals, families, and organizations with a personal or professional interest in multiple birth issues.  Our website includes online sales of MBC publications, support network information, recommended readings, volunteer training, chapter locations, clothing sale dates, and much more.

Multiple Births Families – An extremely comprehensive website with all manner of resources to download for multiple births.  The site is run by Lynda P. Haddon, a prenatal instructor and mother of multiples in Ottawa.

Twins, Triplets and More – This annually updated resource from UBC Nursing Department offers a wealth of information for families expecting multiples. Check it out online, or print off your own copy. My prenatal clients recieve a complimentary loaner at Class One.

Diaper-eez – A lovely little store located in Bloor West Village  (offers twins discount and online/phone shopping!)  Babies in Belly course participants enjoy package pricing and additional discounts.  (Details in Section Two of the course, under Member’s Section.)

St Pete’s Beach House – Heading out east this summer?  Consider staying at Vera and Trevor’s PEI cottage:  Kid-friendly, great fun and relaxation for all!

Twin Pregnancy and Beyond – Your one stop resource through all stages of pregnancy, birth and parenting twins. Packed with “twin specific” information, advice, personal stories, photo galleries, helpful twin gear guides, fun contests, community forum and a free newsletter!

MOST – If you are expecting triplets or other higher order multiples (HOMs, sometimes also referred to as “Supertwins”), you may be interested in this American site.

TwinsUK is dedicated to twins, triplets and multiple birth families throughout pregnancy and early years right through to adulthood. We offer helpful advice, provide specialist products and gorgeous gifts that aim to make life easier and a lot more enjoyable! We supply worldwide.

SUPPERWORKS — Excellent resource for pre-prepped dinners, including many tasty vegetarian options.  My husband said “easier than I expected, and tastier, too”!  Babies in Belly clients enjoy two special discounts (Details in Sections One and Four of the course). – Meet them early, Love them forever. is a wealth of resources for parents of twins and multiples. – Explore tips, facts and advice to get you through your pregnancy and that first all important year. From twin pregnancy to labor and delivery, newborn twins to breastfeeding twins and much more.

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