Birth and Beyond

Lesson 8 of 8: “Summary and Feedback”

Twins in SlingCongratulations!  You have completed the course!  Your babies have arrived, or they will soon, and you are on your way!

I know that sometimes it may have seemed like there were a lot of negative warnings and things to worry about during your multiples pregnancy and indeed, this course.  And while I don’t want to minimize the challenges associated with bearing and parenting twins, triplets or more, I do also want to underscore the delightful and unique aspects of this kind of parenting. Please take a moment to open, read and reflect on the quote below:


I remember when our own boys were about 8 months old… they weren’t quite crawling yet, but they would often push themselves up on all fours and rock back and forth.  Our bathtime routine at the time involved bringing them to our bed after getting out of the tub, and massaging them them there on the bed before getting them into their jammies and moving them to their cribs.  So we had Alex and Simon there on the bed, naked, and the two of them were rocking back and forth, giggling and laughing at each other on the bed… my husband and I looked at each other and burst out laughing as we realized that most parents never get to see something like this!

Enjoy your babies, in between the never-ending jobs and physical labour, take the time to become a family, too!  Check out this Eastern Canadian family with Quads and an older singleton… right from day one, they made a pact to enjoy life with multiples to the fullest.Halloween Quadruplets

For special occasions and celebrations, we always do something and usually it’s messy!! I just think it’s important to enjoy the moment and celebrate them in the best messiest way possible and create fun happy family memories.” (Canadian Mother of Quads + 1)

The physical labour and sleep deprivation stage you are about to embark on will not last forever, and once it subsides, you will want to have some positive memories of the first year with your babies!

A Note About Birth Control

Jeffrey and Justin with Mom

I know, I know, Mom is feeling like a beached whale at this point, and you are both probably thinking “SEX?!  Are you kidding?!  Never again!!!”

This anti-sex feeling can grow quite strong in those early, sleep-deprived weeks.  But believe it or not, at some point, you will want to engage once again the activity that got you into this mess in the first place!  And when you do, please be intentional about your family planning….

A family we volunteer with here in Toronto had four-year-old twin boys.

They decided to try for a girl, and instead, they got…


3 more boys!!!  🙂

(Yes, that’s right, FIVE boys under the age of five!)

Be Aware:

– Every year over 30 puts Mom at increased risk for multiples
– Women who naturally conceive multiples have a higher likelihood
of conceiving at least twins again!
– You CAN get pregnant even if you are breast feeding
– Twins do NOT “skip” a generation

Whole Family of Twins and Triplets

Final Thoughts…

Babies in the Grass

You CAN do this, and you will be great! My prayer for you is for a healthy delivery and as smooth a transition as possible into multiples parenthood.  If you encounter any hitches, my wish for you is to enveloped with love and support to guide you through any choppy waters.

Audio Note

I hope this course has been useful to you, and that you have internalized many of the lessons.  I hope you will take a moment to complete the survey below.  If you have any outstanding questions, please feel free to contact us.

If you would like more information, check out this in depth DVD on multiple-births by Lynda P. Haddon, Multiple Birth Educator, Past President of Multiple Births Canada and member of the MBC Heath & Education Committee.  Please visit for more information.

Congratulations, You’re DONE! We hope you’ve enjoyed this Online Prenatal Course.