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Feeding - Babies in Belly

Lesson 1 of 3:
“Introduction to Feeding”

For the first 4-6 months, your babies will  eat an entirely liquid diet.  Apart from diapering, feeding breastmilk or formula will consume most of your waking hours.DesayunandoWe now move on to the politically and emotionally charged topic of feeding:  Breast, Bottle or Both?!

There is a lot of conflicting and opinionated information out there about what is the best choice in terms of feeding babies when it comes to breastfeeding or not.  The matter is of course further complicated when multiples are in question.

Know that regardless of which choice you make, there will be both joyful moments as well as challenges when it comes to feeding.

This is the first of three lessons on the topic.

To begin, please click and read this quote together quotefrom the recently published best practices guidelines.

Talk with one another about your reactions to this quote.  Are you surprised?  Angry?  Worried?  Non-plussed?  What are your general plans for post-partem support?  (We’ll get into more detail re. this Section 4, “Birth and Beyond”.)


Next you will need to print off TWO copies of the feeding pre-discussion sheet below. questionaire

Individually (NO PEEKING!) please consider each statement, and mark off your responses.  When you have both finished this exercise, compare your sheets.  Congratulate yourselves on areas you are close on, and notice and discuss any major gaps.

When you have finished this exercise, continue with Part Two of “Feeding”.