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Gear and Supplies - Babies in Belly
Gear and Supplies

Lesson 1 of 3: “Stuff”

Some of the best references for the latest handy baby gear and supplies, including where to buy, come from fellow POMs, so if you have not yet joined your local or national Multiple Births Organization, I encourage you to revisit Lesson 3 in Section One to find a twins club near you.

Welcome to Section Two! In this section, we will examine the various items you will need (and not need) to acquire to prepare for life with twins, triplets or more. We’ll also look in considerable detail at strollers and diapers, two of the more “big ticket” items.


In the meantime, let’s get started with an overview of supplies and gear you will need. It can be daunting to try and figure out what some of these gadgets are (especially if you have limited experience with infants), and how many you’ll need.

To help you get a better sense of what’s what, click the link below to play the “What is THAT?!” shopping game.


Launch Game!

Now that you both have a better sense of what all these strange and mysterious items are, check out the list below, of suggested items for twins. It is five pages long, divided into various sections, including subsections for “must have” and “nice to have but not necessary”. The paragraph at the top of the first page explains the set up. (If you are expecting triplets or HOMs, please contact us for a complimentary customized shopping list.)


This list has been compiled and organized from my own experience, as well as feedback from various clients over the past several years. Of course, you may have many of these items already, from friends or if you already have an older child. So, you may want to compare the list to your “inventory”, and do a “gap analysis” as necessary.

Vera and SimonOne item in particular I will highlight is “baby carriers”. You may or may not have had one for a previous baby, but with twins, I would say one or more of these is a necessity. It really helps to be “hands free” with at least one baby in a carrier at times. Two types of carriers exist:

trevorSling1.The sling is easy to use and fits two babies for the first few weeks, then one baby for up to two years, though it gets a bit heavy after about 6 months. Heart to Heart is a great brand, which can often be found used online at websites like Craigslist or Kijiji.

2. The other type is more strappy, like Baby Bjorn — this is a great carrier, but I prefer a similar style that Diaper-eez carries (The Baby Trekker), as it can be used up to two years, even as a backpack. Also, the shoulder straps are padded so it is more comfortable than the baby bjorn, and it features a little pocket/pouch in front for cel phone, diaper, etc.

Click here for links to Diapereez and other places that offer a multiples discount for Babies in Belly clients. Another option is your local twins clubs, which often have private sales for members.

Hope this is a helpful starting point. Please proceed to the next lesson when you are ready to do so.