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Gear and Supplies - Page 2 of 3 - Babies in Belly
Gear and Supplies

Lesson 2 of 3: “Strollers”

For parents of multiples, the stroller is one of the most important (and potentially expensive!) purchases you will make.  You and/or your child care provider will use it until the kids are about three years old, possibly longer, so you don’t want to “cheap out” here.

In terms of double strollers, there are two basic kinds: tandem (front/back) and side by side.

Tandem stroller 1master-IK076
Tandem StrollerSide-by-Side Stroller

Tandem strollers tend to fit more easily through doorways (they are skinnier, obviously) but often are quite difficult to manoeuvre as the babies get older and heavier.  Also, you need to be careful that the tandem you look at is in fact a true twin stroller (and not intended for one younger and one older sibling).  You’ll know it’s a twin if both seats fully recline to accommodate newborns.  The Peg Perego is a standard for a lot of twins parents, but there are others that work equally well.

introBellyThe advantage to a side by side, especially if it is a jogging-style stroller (big wheels), is that it moves easily over rough terrain, as well as ice and snow in winter.  The disadvantage is that some side by side strollers may not fit through standard size doorways.  This can be a problem if you are using it to go into shops and such.  Also, some side by sides may be heavier than tandems, and difficult to get in and out of the car.  (Which may not be an issue, if you are not using the stroller in a car, but rather, just to get around the neighborhood.)

mountain buggy double urban eliteAn excellent side by side “jogging” stroller that also fits through doorways is the Duet (which seems to be the rebranded version of their former Mountain Buggy Urban Double). I believe this one now also accommodates car seats, but if not, you can get insertable “carry cots” for the newborn stage.  Other side by sides can be seen here. One thing  to look for, other than whether they fit through doors, is how big the storage underneath is, if you are planning to take the stroller out for groceries and so on.  (If you have a singleton already, you could also look for a stroller with a third “toddler seat” and/or a boogie board on the back, that s/he can stand and ride on.)

Many parents of twins find TWO strollers useful:  a “snap and go” frame to keep in the car and snap car seats into when out and about for the first 6 months or so, and a second, more “deluxe” stroller–usually a side by side jogger–for at home.  You can find these used and significantly less expensive at twins clubs sales or on Craigslist.

You may want to check out the resource linked here, on considerations for choosing the right twins stroller.

The documents below include a comparison chart you can use once you’ve narrowed your search down to two or three choices. Also below is a PDF article called “Researching Baby Strollers,” which will provide you with more detailed information.

Ideal Stroller Comparison Chart
Researching Baby Strollers

Another idea to consider is a single stroller when going out with just one baby. This is useful when trying to be more compact:  One baby goes in the single stroller, the other goes in a sling or carrier.  (This also helps for being more “incognito” when out with twins.)

Hope this info is helpful when considering strollers… please feel free to email me with any further questions before we move on to the next Lesson, “Diapers“.