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Introduction - Babies in Belly

Lesson 1 of 5: “Overview”

You have probably already discovered that having twins is vastly different than having a singleton. If you’ve not done any reading yet about your unique pregnancy, I encourage you to visit this list to check out some of the excellent books available about Multiple Birth Pregnancy and Parenting. I’ve also attached a handout below, outlining some basic facts about multiples pregnancy, from the Mayo Clinic. Feel free to print this off and keep it in a handy location where you can refer to it as needed throughout the coming weeks.
MayoClinicHandout-ThumbnailWe will get more into the risks and lifestyle factors (nutrition, etc.) in a future lesson. For now, preparing a list of questions for your health care provider (HCP) as you read can be useful to take along when it comes time for your often all-to-short appointments with him or her.

A topic many want to know more about is “Breastfeeding Twins”… we’ll get into quite a bit of detail during Section Three: Feeding, but in the meantime, you may want to check out La Leche League’s website. LLL is a comprehensive world-wide support network for breastfeeding mothers. They are quite “hard core”, which is great if you are serious about Breastfeeding, however, be forewarned, it is not unusual to see a mother feeding a two- or three-year-old at a LLL meeting, so if that is not your thing, you may want to look at other forms of support (which we will talk about later on in the course)! LLL’s page on breastfeeding multiples can be found here.

If you’ve already started collecting papers and materials from the doctor, clinic or other sources, you may be feeling overloaded. I encourage you to set up a binder or file NOW, to begin organizing and sorting your information.

binder(Feel free to do this on your computer, if most of your material is digital.) As you will soon discover–if you haven’t already–organization is one of the keys to success in a multiple births situation!

And now for some useless trivia…

Audio Note

Happy reading, and feel free to email anytime with questions, comments or concerns related to the course.

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