Lesson 3 of 5: “Support Yourselves!”

Join handsMom, how are you feeling?  How is the nausea?  Are you constantly exhausted, and have you had the chance to rest regularly?  Please try to do so!

Dad/Partner? Are you hanging in there? Are you a bit overwhelmed by the changes (physical and emotional/hormonal) that your partner is undergoing?  Are you wondering how you are going to afford these babies and all their equipment?  Hang in there!  And look after mom–make sure she is resting regularly (not bedrest necessarily, unless prescribed for medical reasons, but sitting  with your feet up, or lying down for a rest once or twice throughout the day, in order to let her body do all that work it needs to do, building the homes for those babies inside.)

As you may have already discovered, a multiples pregnancy is vastly different from having a singleton, and it is helpful to surround yourself with a network of support as soon as possible.

In Toronto, we have “Toronto Parents of Multiple Births” (TPOMBA), and nationally in Canada, Multiple Births Canada.  Both offer information, meetings and other outstanding supports to new and expectant parents of multiples (or “POMs” as you are now called!)

In the U.S. you can join National Mothers of Twins Club
And in the UK, there is the Multiple Births Foundation
Irish Expectant Parents of Multiples can join IMBA
If you live in South Africa, why not join MBSA?
Australians expecting multiples can check out the Australian Multiple Birth Association.

Google “twins, triplets or multiple births” to find a support network in your country.  Or contact me and let me know where you are, so that I can send you a little more geographically-specific information.

It is important to connect with others who have “been there” and can relate your situation.  Which hospital are you at?  (Often they may be able to hook you up with a local twins club in your area.)

Well, there’s some information to keep you busy.  Once again, feel free to email me with any questions, comments or concerns.  Once you have joined your local or national Multiple Births Support Club, please proceed to the next class, for some information on pregnancy diet and prematurity.



1) Visit one of the websites above, and join your local or national MB support group.

2) Begin the dialogue with your employer (or with yourself, if you are self-employed!) to create a realistic work-home transition plan for the next several months.