Multiples Plus Dog


Posted by vera | Posted in Parenting | Posted on 16-01-2010

Spencer-these-are-MY-babiesWhen we first brought Alex and Simon home from the hospital, we wondered how our old dog, Spencer, might react.  Best described physically as part giraffe, part brillo pad, Spencer was a Toronto Humane Society rescue, and we had had him for most of his adult life.  At nearly 16, I wondered if he wasn’t getting a bit old to be introduced to two new babies in the house!

As it turned out, we had nothing to worry about.  We brought the two carseats in, put them on the living room floor, and waited to see what would happen.  Spencer came over to sniff things out a bit, then wandered off.

I suspect he already knew something was up – it is said that animals can “smell” pregnancy, and no doubt he was sensing the changes in routine around the house, too, in the weeks leading up to the arrival of his two “brothers”.  In any case, he quickly acclimatized to the new situation, and in fact, became quite the guardian to Alex and Simon.

Spencer was nearly 16 when the boys arrived, and we thought we’d be lucky if he lived to see their first birthday.  In fact, he lived until shortly after their FIFTH birthday, and became their first “family” example of death, as he died at home at the ripe old age of 19!

Spencer’s extended life meant that he experienced many of the joys 3-boysand trials that make up the first three years with multiples…  for example, the much-anticipated and often-dreaded TOILET TRAINING!!!  One of the funniest (and grossest!) memories I have is of the afternoon that both boys were running around naked in the yard. We were hoping that if they had to poo or pee, they would sit on their potty.  Instead, Alex simply knelt on the deck out back and pooped outside.  No sooner had he finished his business, then Spencer came along and gobbled it up!!!  Yuck!

We’ve since welcomed a new dog into our family –Jasper the fat beagle is also a rescue dog—but fond memories of Spencer, their first dog, will surely stay with the boys for many years to come.

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