Need More Protein? Give your Babies a Shake!


Posted by vera | Posted in Twins or Multiple Birth Pregnancy | Posted on 17-11-2009

Pregnant with TwinsOne of the challenges when feeding your baby belly can be getting enough protein in your prenatal diet, especially when carrying twins, triplets or more.  But protein is a critical ingredient in building healthy brains and more.  So some expectant mothers of multiples have found it helpful to supplement their pregnancy diet with a protein shake.

Especially for vegetarian women expecting multiples, a protein shake can be a great way to increase this all-important factor in your prenatal diet.  A good quality whey or soy protein powder, mixed with some yogourt, rice milk, a banana or whatever else your tummy desires, is an excellent way to give your babies a little extra boost.

Multiple gestation need not mean drama and stress over what to eat.  A high calorie diet rich in iron, protein and calcium helps to build healthy blood, brains and bones in your in-utero twins, triplets or quadruplets.  So, when preparing your snacks for the day, remember to pack a small baggie of protein powder, and enjoy a healthy and delicious protein shake in between the yogurts, cheese and crackers, veggie sticks and chicken breast sandwiches!

For a comprehensive overview of multiple pregnancy diet, check out the Prenatal Diet lesson in Section One of our online prenatal course at Babies in Belly!

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