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Oops, I Did it Again! - Babies in Belly

Oops, I Did it Again!


Posted by vera | Posted in Clothing, Parenting | Posted on 10-11-2012

I cannot believe I succumbed to it… the allure of the flashy children’s clothing store, at the mall, with the perfectly coordinated outfits for every occasion… ugh!

My Bulletwin readers from a few years ago will know exactly what I am talking about (and if you don’t, you might want to catch up by clicking here, first!)I am so dis-GUST-ed with myself!  For almost four years, I have been “dry”, shopping primarily on Craigslist, at Goodwill or the Sally Ann, or sometimes buying new at discount outlets for my now-8-year-old twins’ clothing.

But, like the true clothesaholic I am, I could not resist the temptation walking past the colourful store window during my most recent trip to the mall, and was beguilingly (and predictably!) drawn into the Gymboree store at Sherway.I was just going to buy a coupla pairs of socks.  Honest.  The boys were down to about 2 hole-less pairs each, and we splurge for so few “new” things for them these days, I figured, would it really be that bad to spend a little more than usual on some stripy or animal-themed socks for my two special little men?

So, like the fools we are, Trevor and I abandoned our well-thought-out plan to bypass the Gymboree shop and head to the more reasonably priced Sears, the Bay or Children’s Place, and instead, entered the wretched, overpriced retailer for the first time in nearly four years!


Big mistake.  BIG!

You see, they were having a sale.

And here, dear reader, I could end this self-punitive exercise and say, “and the rest is history”, because you surely know what happened next!   But I feel it is my due penance to write out my full confession, as part of my recovery process, in order that I might be saved from a repeat performance of this extraordinary example of falling off the wagon anytime in the near future!!!

So, well, yes, Gymboree was having a sale.  You know, the kind where you spend X number of dollars, and get a certain number of “Gymbucks” that pull you back into that cursed store at a later date to spend still more money?  This was complemented by a rack of discounted items strategically placed near the front of the store, right as you walk in, calling out to you, “look, LOOK – savings!  You can’t possibly pass up thesetreasures!”

I fell for the deal, hook, line and sinker.

The pants were such a good deal, and then of course we had to buy shirts, to go with.  And if you bought two shirts, it was even cheaper!  What a deal, we might as well get two shirts for each guy, I figured, and although I tried desperately to get entirely different articles of clothing, with a theme-base to match Alex and Simon’s uniquely-evolving interests and personal tastes, I could not possibly resist the two long-sleeved striped shirts in complementary yet coordinated colours!  Then there were the socks, and – oh – how CUUUUTE they were!!!  I had not bought colourful, stripey socks like that in EEONS!!!  The colour scheme was lovely, and one pair had the most endearing little moose on it, a moose which – not coincidentally, I’m sure – also featured largely on a nearby shirt (which was not, I might add, on sale like the other shirts). Of course, if I was going to get a moose shirt for Simon, I had to get the polar bear shirt for Alex.  Alas, there were no polar bear socks to match, so I snatched up another pair of socks, the colour scheme of which just happened to match perfectly with – you guessed it – the shirt with the penguin on it, so I had to pick up one of those, obviously, and…  Well, I think you get the idea.

$322.67 and several “Gymbucks” coupons later, Trevor and I left the shop in a state of utter and supreme bliss, two colourful Gymboree bags full of coordinated outfits for each lucky boy swinging from our wrists.

The ‘lucky boys’ were about as impressed with our fabulous finds as greedy dog who gets offered bread instead of bratwurst:  “Whaaat?!”, they both retorted when presented with their bags of clothing at home later that evening, “We thought you were bringing us something GOOD!”

Ugh.  Once a clothes-a-holic, always a clothes-a-holic.  The aftertaste is nearly never as pleasant as the initial adrenaline rush.  (Although I did notice with some smugness that the following week, the boys wore their new penguin and polar bear shirts almost every day!)

Well, it is not so easy to photograph two whirling dirvishes… they rarely stop for even a second to be captured on camera!

For the original Gymboree series, from the toddler years, see here.

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