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What Do You Do If You're Pregnant with Triplets? - Babies in Belly

What Do You Do If You’re Pregnant with Triplets?


Posted by vera | Posted in Parenting, Triplets, Twins or Multiple Birth Pregnancy | Posted on 15-02-2013

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tripletsMany people who sign up for our multiples-specific, online prenatal course are expecting twins. But what if you are expecting triplets or quadruplets?

If you are pregnant with triplets, then finding high-quality prenatal classes that deal specifically with multiple births pregnancies is even more important.

Most people wait until they are at least 8 weeks pregnant with twins before looking for prenatal classes, and I have had couples contact me as late as 33 or 34 weeks pregnant with twins!

Although the old adage “better late than never” could certainly apply to prenatal classes, in my opinion, sooner is better, especially with triplets. There are many things you can do early on in your pregnancy to increase the chances of a healthy outcome later on, and with a multiples pregnancy, you may not have as much time as you think you do…

Triplets Arrive Early

A full-term singleton pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks. Twins born at 37-38 weeks are considered “term”, and according to an article posted on Baby Centre’s website, most triplets are born at 33 weeks gestation (quads often arrive at 29 weeks or before).

Given what we know about preemies, the thought of having such tiny babies to look after can seem overwhelming, especially for first time parents-to-be. Hence, the importance of a prenatal class that deals specifically with twins or triplets pregnancies, and can help to prepare you for the possibility of pre-term labour, and guide you in thinking through the short and long-term implications of having premature babies.

Time Is Not Your Friend, Unfortunately

Another thing to consider if you are pregnant with triplets is that you will have less time to find, register for and take a full course of multiples-specific prenatal classes. I recall a dad-to-be contacting me several years ago to enquire about my in-home classes. His wife was 30 weeks pregnant with triplets. By the time I got back to him and we had arranged a date to begin their classes, Mom was on bed rest in the hospital, and the babies were born shortly thereafter.

An in-home prenatal consultant or online classes like ours can help families expecting triplets and quads make the most of the limited time they have before the babies arrive.

100_4327Enjoy The Show, Without Being Part of The Circus

I remember taking prenatal classes at the hospital, when I was pregnant with Alex and Simon, my monozygotic twin boys. It was comforting to know that I was not alone, surrounded by other expectant parents of twins, but all of us were truly in awe of the incredibly large tummy belonging to the woman in our class who was pregnant with triplets!

I wonder how she and her partner felt, though.

An in-home prenatal consultant who has experience with triplets and quads, or an online class that specifically addresses higher-order multiples pregnancies can help those expecting triplets or more prepare for the arrival of their babies without feeling like the circus side show!

Our online class includes interactive games and visuals, many of which feature triplets and quads in addition to the more “common” twins, so that families expecting triplets can see themselves reflected in the course material. Learn more here.


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