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Preparing for the Birth of Your Multiples? Here's What to Pack - Babies in Belly

Preparing for the Birth of Your Multiples? Here’s What to Pack


Posted by vera | Posted in Birth, Parenting, Twins or Multiple Birth Pregnancy | Posted on 23-04-2013

third trimester

While browsing “expecting twins and triplets” online forums and Facebook groups, we’ve seen the same question pop up a few times, regarding what to pack for the hospital, especially for the babies. 

Given that twins often come early, it can be helpful to have your hospital bag packed in advance.  That way, you’ll be ready to go when the time comes.

Below are some ideas about what to pack… 

Consider Both Mom And Babies

A large, comfy nighty and robe are essential items – remember that even once the babies are born, the bulge will hang around for a bit.  Don’t pack your pre-pregnancy sleepwear for this outing!  And if you are planning to breastfeed, remember to pack buttoned shirts or other “easily accessible” clothing.

Toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush and lipbalm will help make your stay more comfortable.  You’ll also need sanitary napkins, big ones!  (Sorry, ladies, you didn’t think your old friend was gone forever, did you?!)

Chewing gum or mints can help make the early stages of labour more manageable, and your breath more bearable for others, later, if you are having a C-section and just can’t get yourself from your bed to the washroom to brush your teeth that first night or the next morning!

For the babies, consider some small sized sleepers and/or onesies.  Some gentle wipes and several newborn sized diapers will also be a necessity, as most hospitals do not provide these.

paperwork for multiple birthsPaperwork, Paperwork… and More Paperwork

One thing a lot of people forget about is the immense amount of paperwork generated by two, three or more live births.  Each baby needs an application for a birth certificate, health card and SIN (optional).

The hospital can help with a precise list of necessary paperwork for your region. No matter what, be prepared to consume considerable time and ink!

Some forms can be completed online.  Consider having your partner complete some or all of the forms in the hospital, after the babies are born, and before you head home. 

Stamping and pre-addressing envelopes now for forms that need to be mailed off saves time in the hospital, and applications that need to be completed in hard copy can be sent off as soon as they are filled out after the births.

Don’t Forget Your Partner/Labour Coach

Your partner may be spending more time at the hospital than anticipated, so be sure to pack a bottle of water and/or some snacks for him/her as well.  A granola bar can be packed well in advance, and throw a piece of fruit in the bag on your way out the door, too! 

Consider packing change for the vending machine and/or parking meter, so that your partner can take care of those things easily.  

If you are past 26 weeks pregnant with twins, hopefully this blog post has given you a head start as you think about what to prepare for in the weeks ahead. 

A more comprehensive guide to when and what to pack for giving birth to twins, triplets or more at the hospital is included in Class Four of our online prenatal course for multiples


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