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Playtime with Multiples: Frugal and Fun


Posted by vera | Posted in Books, Parenting, School | Posted on 30-12-2014

Parenting twins, triplets or more can be an expensive adventure.  If you think double (or triple) diapers and onesies are breaking the bank, just wait until two or more babies become twin or triplet toddlers:  All the companies that tried to convince you that you needed two (or three) Baby Bjorns, two bouncy chairs and two baby bathtubs will now be vying for your hard-earned dollars in exchange for all the latest baby toys.


Alex and Simon

But there are ways around this, and they can be quite creative!

Lindsay, a teacher and mother of two, blogs here about making a family board book for her little one.  

Alex and Simon loved looking and pointing at books and photos when they were little, and I wish I had thought to repurpose old board books from yard sales in this fashion!

Dec 2014 colour matchy

Reblogged from FunkyLindsay.com

Another idea from Funky Lindsay is the colour matching game.  She paints the inside of a compartmentalised box with certain colours, and puts little toys and trinkets of matching colours in each compartment. 

Little ones love to sort and match items, and this is a great way to foster colour recognition and encourage clean up for toddler twins or triplets.  Miniature versions of the toy could be made with only two or three colours, and each twin gets a different set of colours.

Parenting multiples can be a blur, especially when they’re young.  Making toys and games with and for your toddler twins is an excellent way not only to save money, but also to keep materialism in check while bonding with your babies and beginning to foster a healthy family relationship with the environment by practising environmentally friendly playtime.

What is it about sleep and kids?!


Posted by vera | Posted in Parenting, School, Sleep | Posted on 30-11-2014

If you are in the midst of newborn chaos with multiples, and are still trying to acclimatise to sleep deprivation, I am sorry to report that the sleep issues continue well into childhood!  Alex and Simon are nearly 8, and we adults still crave more sleep!!!

Even when they were babies, the boys consistently woke up around 5 or 5:30 a.m.  It was maddening!  Happy was the day they were old enough to recognize numbers, and we go them their very own alarm clock with great pomp and circumstance, and trained them to STAY IN THEIR BEDS until the first number was a 6!!! Read the rest of this entry »

Twins Beginning School – TO Separate or NOT to Separate?


Posted by vera | Posted in Letters, Parenting, School | Posted on 30-11-2014

separate twins at schoolHere is an interesting letter from a mother of twins. I thought it may be useful to share her letter, and my answers, with our readers. Note: Minor grammar edits have been made for a smoother read.

Dear Vera,

I hope your boys are doing great!

I have questions re: twins & education. I always thought I’d want to keep the girls together, at least for kindergarden. They start JK next September.

I’m starting to change my mind and wanted to know what you think.

Twin A is precocious. She’s super smart, driven to learn, obsessive about doing things right… and loves rules. She’s very social and loves being with other kids.

Twin B is creative, relaxed… does things at her own pace. She has a poor sense of direction and can’t find something, even if it’s right in front of her. She likes playing and having fun with other kids, but isn’t as intense about being with others. She’s happy on her own.

A’s turned into a huge boss and tattletale with B. B can’t move without A telling her she’s doing things wrong. You can’t ask B something without A answering. B tends to repeat herself if she doesn’t think you’ve sufficiently acknowledged her statement – and A will report that “B said something twice, mommy.”

I’m starting the think that B would be better off being in a separate class right off the bat. I think she could use a few hours a day without A breathing down her neck.

Do you think it’s bad to split them right out of the gate?

(Adrienne, mother of twin girls, age 4, and baby, 18 months)


Read the rest of this entry »