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Separation Anxiety - Babies in Belly

Separation Anxiety


Posted by vera | Posted in Parenting, Sleep | Posted on 01-11-2009

Last night my five year old twin boys slept in their own rooms for the first night.  For five years they have slept together in the same room, at first even in the same crib.  But lately, Twin B has been requesting his own space, and so, over the past few weeks, we’ve slowly been relocating the office downstairs, so that each boy can have his own bedroom.

It was cute to hear their little feet pitter patter back and forth last night, as they visited each other a few times, before finally settling down in their respective rooms.  I think that although individual space seemed like a good idea in the daylight, come night time, our little twins may have been having second thoughts about their great separation plans, lol!  In any case, they survived the night and in fact, slept quite well.

I was reminded of the many nights prenatally with twins that we lacked sleep (well, me, anyway, and then both me and my husband, once the dear babes were born, hehe!)  The first few months with newborn twins is pretty intense… Prenatal classes didn’t help… unlike the one I now teach, the multiples-specific prenatal course we took at the hospital didn’t really address the nitty gritty of how to manage the intense sleep deprivation that inevitably comes with two, three or more newborns in the home!

How I marvel at my BIG little boys.  This evening, they played nicely together after dinner, and then went to their own beds without a hitch. Just wait until they are teenagers wanting their own cars!!!

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