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Pregnant with Twins? You’re Not Alone!


Posted by vera | Posted in Statistics, Twins or Multiple Birth Pregnancy | Posted on 28-01-2013

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twins statsI remember when my partner and I first got the news that we were pregnant with twins… there were days when we felt lost and overwhelmed, and as if no one else could relate to the challenges we were facing. It was important for us to find other expectant parents of multiples to connect with who were facing the same uncertainties we were. 

If you have recently discovered that you are pregnant with twins or higher-order multiples, it can be very comforting to know that you’re not alone. The number of multiple births have increased dramatically over the last several decades, and around the world, you are in good company!


Multiple Births Are On The Rise

• 3.3% of all births each year in Canada and the United States are twins. That’s 137,000 each year in the US, and about 12,000 in Canada. 

• According to U.S. data collected in 2009, the likelihood of becoming pregnant with twins has multiplied by about 75%, when compared to 1980. 


What Increases the Chances of Multiple Births?

You guessed it – Age!

Statistically speaking, the odds of having multiples increase dramatically once you’re above the age of 34. 

• For mothers-to-be aged 35 to 39, the likelyhood of having twins increases by 100%.

• Above 40, the chances of having twins increase by a whopping 200%!

A number of theories exist as to why the odds of concieving multiples increase with age. One strongly observed correlation has been made between multiple births and the increasing use of fertility treatments.  According to Barbara Luke, a biology professor at Michigan State University, the increase in twins pregnancies could also be attributed to the use of birth control; apparently the odds of having twins increase from the moment you stop taking “the pill”.


The Internet is Buzzing About Twins!

pregnant with twins chart

International queries for the term “pregnant with twins” according to Google Trends (January 28, 2013)

If you do a quick search on Google Trends, you can see that the number of people searching for the phrase “pregnant with twins” has also increased dramatically since 2005.

Searches "pregnant with twins" by Country

Search Queries by Region

When you break the searches down by country, the Republic of South Africa is in the lead.

Right behind them is the U.S. and… Ireland?!

Canada falls to number 7 on the list. 

Keep in mind that these are only search queries, and are only for general interest; you can make your own guesses as to why these countries are in the top three.


Connecting with Others

One fun way to get the conversation started with other parents of multiples is to do a quick Twitter search for something like “expecting twins”.

Once you filter through some of the initially superficial chatter, it can be great way to connect with others who are also pregnant with twins or triplets, and make new friends; maybe even in your own city!

Finding the right support early on can change your entire experience during the weeks of pregnancy… and beyond!

Once your babies arrive, you’ll quickly realize how important it is to have a network of people around you who can help. This is only one of the many practical topics we cover in our online prenatal course for multiples. Enroll today!


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