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Strollers for Twins… but not Doctors! - Babies in Belly

Strollers for Twins… but not Doctors!


Posted by vera | Posted in Parenting, Strollers | Posted on 28-02-2013

twin-stroller2The Toronto Star recently published an article about a mother of twins who was asked to leave her stroller outside in the hall at the doctor’s office.

Anyone who has been on the go with a newborn will surely sympathize with the woman in this article; imagine having to juggle two babies, a purse or diaper bag, and whatever other “stuff” comes along on the trip (or, if grocery shopping or running other errands, comes as a result of the trip).

Families with Twins Face Challenges their Singleton Counterparts Don’t

It’s not uncommon for parents of multiples to struggle with strollers, even when not traveling the confines of narrow hallway at the doctor’s office or other tight space.

The truth is, being out and about with twin or triplet babies is both visually attention-grabbing and physically challenging. People are intrigued by seeing two, three or more same-aged babies side-by-side or in a row, and may often stop to chat, even when it’s inconvenient to you. And erecting that fancy, “easy-to-assemble” triplet stroller that’s been folded up in the trunk when you venture out to the mall for the first time, to run some errands with your babies in tow, can seem like an insurmountable task!

In our prenatal course, we address some of the challenges parents of multiples face when traveling – whether it’s around the block or across town – with their babies, and offer practical solutions to the stroller dilemma.

twin-strollersFinding Your Way in a World Designed for Singletons

I remember helping a client with quadruplets take public transit to the pediatrician several years ago… The stares of disbelief we got from our fellow passengers as we tried to wrestle two double strollers down the escalator at the subway were plentiful, but practical help from passers-by was not. People seemed just too stunned by the image of four babies to offer any sensible assistance!

The fact is that much of the world is not built to accommodate longer or wider strollers and the babies (and their gear) that accompany them. The consequences for those of us who have to navigate said world on a daily basis with two or more babies can range from minor irritant to major daily frustration.

Plan Now for Later Travels

If you’re pregnant with twins or triplets, take the time to think about how you’ll manage multiple babies with limited hands when you are out and about after they are born. Talk to other parents of multiples to find out what worked for them, and ask your prenatal instructor for practical suggestions, too.

A walk to the park or a visit to the doctor should be a fun adventure for you and your little ones. And with a little planning and foresight, it can be!

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