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Thanksgiving with Multiples - Babies in Belly

Thanksgiving with Multiples


Posted by vera | Posted in Holidays, Parenting | Posted on 11-10-2010

Our thanksgivings have always been a bit unconventional; since I am an orphan and my husband’s family is out of town, most years have found us sharing our table with various immigrants and refugees we were volunteering with, or enjoying a meal with our “surrogate” family, friends from church or elsewhere.  Once our twins were born, things grew increasingly complicated: Both boys suffered from reflux, so the first year was an event filled with such screaming and pain that subsequent years were approached with caution; we had few friends willing to spend their holiday surrounded by two screaming babies/toddlers.  On our third Thanksgiving, we were invited by fellow struggling parents to a local restaurant’s Thanksgiving Buffet.  This worked somewhat well… yet over the following few years, our Thanksgiving traditions became inconsistent at best.

Now our boys are six, and they don’t scream so much anymore.  J  And we have surrounded ourselves with other multiples families who are more tolerant of our “busy” family life.

This year, we decided to invite ourselves over to a family with 8-year-old twins and 4-year-old triplets – all boys!  We ordered a pre-cooked thanksgiving meal from Supperworks, and took the whole to-do over to Kofi and Vida’s, where we four parents hung out in the kitchen re-heating the food, while the SEVEN boys played in the playground outside their little front yard.  When the feast was marginally warm, we threw it unceremoniously on the table, and everyone helped themselves and the nearest triplet to some food.  No one went hungry, everyone enjoyed the company of his neighbor, and after dinner, the older boys entertained each other and two of the triplets, while I sat on the sofa snuggling a third triplet, their mother sharing photos from years gone by, and her pre-multiples figure.

On the ride home, I marveled at the simplicity of our dinner, compared to the lavishly prepared events of years past… perhaps most surprisingly of all is the contentment I feel, even without cloth napkins, fine china and matching centerpiece candles.

The thankfulness comes from the peace of being surrounded by genuine people and decent food.  As many parents of multiples soon discover, the authenticity, rather than the presentation, is what really counts!

Happy Thanksgiving, to all, especially those sharing their turkey with multiple turkeys this year!

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