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The Launch - Babies in Belly

The Launch


Posted by vera | Posted in Parenting | Posted on 18-01-2011

quadsIf you’ve finally mastered the art of diapering your newborns, and are getting them changed superfast like an assembly line, you may be surprised to discover your twins suddenly wiggling free of the diaper change area and “launching” themselves up whilst you attempt to change them!

This typically happens at around 5-6 months of age, when babies become more active.  Lying around getting changed is no fun, and launching themselves into the air and watching mom or dad freak out can be quite entertaining for a baby this age!

Try to incorporate songs, stories or other fun and engaging activities into change time to keep your babies in one spot while you wrestle on a new diaper:  Sing a short by engaging song, or try giving them a new and interesting toy to examine in the air above them while you quickly zip off one diaper and put on the next one.

At this stage, it is also extremely important to NEVER LEAVE A BABY UNATTENDED!  One self-initiated launch could parachute your baby right onto the floor!

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