The Triangle of Health


Posted by vera | Posted in Twins or Multiple Birth Pregnancy | Posted on 01-01-2010

With the new year in full swing, now is the time for resolutions to be formed and hopefully, not broken!

As mother of Kindergarten-aged multiples and a full-time teacher with many extra-curricular projects on the go, I am always attempting to “optimize” my system. 

If you are pregnant with twins, triplets or quads, you are likely very aware of the important role maternal nutrition, coupled with sufficient rest and appropriate exercise plays in building healthy fetuses.  Good habits formed during pregnancy can continue to give you the energy you need as a busy parent of two or more toddlers, preschoolers or school-age children later on.

I have found that this triangle – proper diet, rest and exercise – forms the foundation for healthy relationships with my children, my spouse and my co-workers.  When I am eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly, I can manage the myriad decisions I make in a day as a mother, a wife and an educator.  When I eat junk food, burn the midnight oil and skip my morning workout in favour of a “quick” email check before work, I end up cranky, snapping at people around me (including my husband and children), and often have trouble making good choices overall at home and at work. 

The secret, of course, is the habit of mind which this triangle encompasses, that is, self-discipline!  Without self discipline, the diet, the sleep habits, the exercise routine are quickly shot to $#%!  Sometimes, as the Nike ad says, you have to “just do it!”  Set an alarm to remind yourself you wanted to go to bed an hour earlier, buy only healthy foods, and make up a few days worth of snacks at a time.  Consult with your HCP regarding safe levels of exercise for a twins or triplets pregnancy (light yoga, slow walking, possibly swimming… all are activities I was able to do into the third trimester with my twins pregnancy, and they really helped me feel “fit” for birth).  Now, after a holiday season filled with binging on too many delicious but high-in-sugar treats, too many late nights on facebook, and too many missed morning walks or yoga routines, I find myself struggling once again with the ol’ self-discipline.  But I have achieved the triangle once before, and I know I can do it again!

You may have a long list of new year’s resolutions planned, but with these three foundational rocks in place, the rest of the structure will be built  with more stability and endurance.

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