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Twin Engines Baby Shower


Posted by vera | Posted in Birth, Birthdays, Twin Baby Shower | Posted on 26-10-2013

Planning a twins baby shower can be fun, but when you couple it with a co-theme, like aviation, the result can be a real adventure!

This summer, one of the fellows in my flying club out in PEI had twins, and we decided to host a “twin engines” aviation-themed multiples baby shower for him and his wife and their dizygotic twins.

The first challenge was convincing a bunch of middle-aged guys that baby showers can be for men, too! — Many had heard rumours about this sacred right that women traditionally plan and participate in, and they were SCARED!

Themed Foods and Decor

Once we convinced the boys that hanging out with a couple of babies for the afternoon could be fun, it was time to prepare the “twin engine” theme:  First, we found some baby shower napkins that had a picture of a twin engine airplane on it.  We used this as a model for other items.

Themed cookies and a matching cake were ordered, based on the picture on the napkin.

We also looked for, but did not find, balloons with an airplane on them.  No matter, the cake and cookies did the job, and we chose sets of two more generic baby shower balloons.

Twins Baby Shower Games

With a bunch of pilots on hand, the shower entertainment was great fun:  First we planned a written quiz with questions about other pilots who were parents of twins, and about what consumes more “fuel”, an hour-long flight in a Cessna 172, or a week of feeding the baby pilots.  Things got competitive pretty quickly.

We also deviated from the twin engine theme a little, in favour of introducing the men to some more “traditional” games, like Sniff the Diaper and Guess the “poop” (some of the guests were blindfolded, and had to smell three different diapers with things like chocolate, prunes and green peas and identify which was which).  It was quite entertaining to watch grown men who can fly airplanes shrink in terror at having to smell a diaper filled with… CHOCOLATE!!!

Practical Gifts

As I always preach in my online twins prenatal course, multiple births baby showers should include practical gifts rather than the traditional blankets, sleepers and endless cutesy stuffed animals.

As the organizer of the shower, I hit each of the guests up for a couple of bucks, and then used the combined donations to purchase a large, fancy exersaucer. (I looked for one with airplanes, but the best we could find was a Jungle-themed exersaucer.)  The timing was perfect, because the twins were just 7 weeks old, and the exersaucer could be reconfigured into three different stages, including a tummy time mat which the babies could use right away.

The new parents liked this piece of equipment so much, they ended up buying themselves another one on Craigslist!

Let Your Imagination be Your Guide

Many themes exist for twins or triplets baby showers, and whether you have an additional theme to consider, or are “just” planning for the multiples, putting together a baby party is great fun!  Let your imagination guide you as you plan an entertaining and practical shower for twins, triplets or more.

Tracking with Twins


Posted by vera | Posted in Parenting, Twin Baby Shower | Posted on 15-08-2013

logoToday’s blog post is shared courtesy of Lynda P. Haddon, Multiple Birth Educator and creator of the recently released Jumelle app for multiple births.

For parents of newborn twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets or even just two babies close together, many recognize the necessity need of a record of who did what and when and for how long.  Parents need to keep track of number of dirty diapers, feeding habits and duration, naps and bedtimes.   

The more children in the multiple-birth set, the more important accurate tracking becomes.  

Careful recording of each babies’ habits ensures that sleep-deprived parents are quickly on top of any issues with marginal room for error. Tracking minimizes the chances of guesswork: I know someone missed a bowel movement today but which one?

Medicating the Right Twin

An additional important issue to keep track of is if one, more or all infants are receiving medications or even vitamins.  Did I or didn’t I? and which one?  It could be dire if a baby received two doses of medication in error.  Remove the guesswork, anxiety, possible overlap and potential mistakes by keeping a recording schedule.   

Keeping Track Helps the Sitter, Too

A tracking schedule can be very helpful to other caretakers (grandparents, family members, friends, nannies) who come into the house to assist with baby care.  The formal record quickly identifies which baby may be facing a challenge, e.g. constipation, and allows the caregivers to step in a timely fashion to help rectify the situation.

Include the Essentials 

There are a couple of ways to keep track of which baby did what.  Parents may wish to include:

  • dirty diapers/wet diapers
  • breastfeeding [left/right breast]
  • duration of breastfeeding, or quantity consumed, if bottle feeding
  • time and duration of nap [morning and afternoon]
  • bedtime [duration of sleep time]
  • medications/vitamins given
  • teething issues 

Hard Copy or Electronic Tracking?

 Some families like to create a paper printout of a spreadsheet or chart “Birth and Beyond” Class and post it nearby.  Others prefer to track using an excel sheet on their laptops or an app on their tablet.  (One example of the latter is the newly released Jumelle, created by prenatal instructor and mother of twins, Lynda Haddon.)

Whatever your preference, keeping a record of each baby’s teething issues, feeding habits, fevers, and milestones can help you manage with newborn twins, triplets or more, and keep schedules a little more under control.

Ideas for a Twins Baby Shower


Posted by vera | Posted in Twin Baby Shower, Twins or Multiple Birth Pregnancy | Posted on 15-04-2013

twins baby showerOur guest blogger today is Charlene from Having Twins and the mother of monozygotic twin girls.

Planning a baby shower twins can be great fun. Here are some awesome ideas for organizing the perfect twin shower.

Twin Shower Theme

Theme ideas for a twin baby shower are endless, from “two peas in a pod” (or three, if it’s a triplets baby shower!) to Dr Seuss’ “Thing One and Thing Two”. Just think about anything in twos, pairs or even things that go together.

You may like to start with what sort of cake you would like then base your theme around that. Many people choose specific colours as part of their theme, and there is no need to stick with traditional “pink” or “baby blue” — get creative!

Gift Ideas

Here are some great gift suggestions for parents expecting twins…

A “diaper cake” is a fun gift, and you can make it yourself. A diaper cake also makes a great center piece for the shower.

In addition to using diapers (which is essential when building a diaper cake), you can include things like:

a)  Twins baby clothing and face cloths.
b)  Treats for mom in the middle of the diaper cake is a really nice surprise. Maybe her favorite chocolates, a voucher for a pregnancy massage, or paid subscription to her favorite magazine.
c)  Baby lotions and soaps.
d)  And top it off with a rattle or booties.

Some other great gifts for the twins parents-to-be depend on how much you want to spend. For instance the bigger ticket items are a great way to help out, like a twin stroller, twin nursing pillow, cribs or car seats. Keep in mind mom(s) or dad(s)-to-be may have preferences, so one idea is to give a voucher; you could even take them shopping.

Things like rompers or sleepers are always a useful item and you can get some really cute ones, even rompers aimed at twins, like “she did it” and “he did it” printed on them.

Games for a Twin Shower

With games at a twin baby shower you can basically twin up any game you want, but here are a couple of ideas for you:

a) Play celebrity twins and match the babies to the celebrity, whether it be just names or by using pictures.
b) A pairing baby socks race, the fastest time wins.
c) Another race, place diapers on twin baby dolls – but you must be blindfolded. 

There are many other things to organize for a twin baby shower, like invitations (which you can decide on based on your theme). Shower favors could be something “paired”, like a pair of earrings. And food can be made all in double like mini double chocolate muffins or two cheeses cheese board.

Whatever your theme, enjoy your twins baby shower, and have fun planning it!

For more twins baby shower ideas from Charlene, check out her girl twin baby shower.