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Twins' Birthday Coming Up? - Babies in Belly

Twins’ Birthday Coming Up?


Posted by vera | Posted in Birthdays, Parenting, Triplets | Posted on 17-02-2013

twins birthdayOne challenge faced by parents of multiple birth children is the need to foster their individuality while celebrating their twinship. (Or triplet-ship, or… you get the idea!) Especially during holidays, where all children in the set will get a gift, it can be tricky to strike the right balance between “special” and “fair”.Making each twin or triplet’s special day unique need not be an expensive endeavour, but it can be time consuming.

A Unique Valentine’s Day Treat

Our family celebrates valentine’s day each year with a little something for the kids. Usually this is a small chocolate heart or something of that nature tucked into each boy’s lunch bag. The treats are equal in size, but different in design. One year Alex got a chocolate “A”, for example, while Simon got a chocolate “S”; another year each boy got a chocolate heart, one wrapped in red foil, the other in gold.This year, my girlfriend made each twin a bag with his name on a card that read “26 things that I love about (name)”. Inside the bag were 26 little cards, one for each letter of the alphabet. On each little card was written word that begins with that letter of the alphabet, and that describes that twin.

Being Fair With Twins Or Triplets Is Critical

Although the boys loved their little alphabet card bags, they immediately checked their adjectives against their co-multiple’s bag to ensure that both had gotten similarly flattering descriptors. Thankfully, my girlfriend had suspected this might happen, and had carefully selected each child’s words to ensure fairness. (Nevertheless, Simon noticed that Alex got “quick” for Q, and protested loudly that he hadn’t therefore gotten “fast” for F!)

Celebrating Both The Twinship And The Individual

Although coming up with a fair yet unique gift for each child can be somewhat time-consuming, it is a great way to let your twins, triplets or more know how special each of them is to you individually, as well as in a group.So, if you have a birthday or another holiday coming up soon in your multiple births family, consider how best to celebrate both their collective and individual identities!

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