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Babies in Belly Expecting Multiples? - Babies in Belly
Expecting Multiples?

You’ve come to the right place!

Preparing for the arrival of two or more babies at once can be a thrilling but also an uneasy time in your life, filled with questions about the future.

Enrolling in a high-quality, multiples-specific prenatal course can help you find answers.

Babies in Belly offers convenient, in-home prenatal classes taught by a certified teacher and mother of monozygotic twin boys.  Our course is organized into five “Classes” or Sections, each consisting of 3-7 informative, practical lessons, delivered in a highly engaging and interactive manner.  That’s over 20 Lessons… all conveniently accessible to you and your partner from your home computer, laptop or anywhere you have Internet access!


Are you having trouble finding a prenatal course that caters specifically to multiple births?

As you may have already discovered, being pregnant with twins, triplets or more is vastly different than being pregnant with a singleton.

The four Sections of our e-course are designed to address topics of importance to you, the expectant parent of multiples, as you prepare for the arrival of your twins, triplets or more:

checkmarkFind out what YOU can do to help build healthy babies and reduce preterm labour
checkmarkExplore different strollers and other baby gear, and discover where to find twins discounts
checkmarkConsider the pros and cons of different feeding strategies with multiple babies
checkmarkLearn tips and tricks for managing the first weeks and months at home with newborns

PLUS… Explore our FREE BONUS section:
Perspectives from older parents of multiples, secrets for singleton siblings, a “Dad’s Corner” and more!!!

Here’s How It Works:

1. Click here to pay through Paypal or by Visa or Mastercard ($97 USD, 9-month subscription)

2. You will receive a password, good for 9 months of access to the course site.

3. You and your partner begin working through the material anytime you wish.

Life with twins, triplets or more can be intense!
Babies in Belly will help you get off to a good start.

Upon registration, you will be sent a password good for 9 months of access to our Members Only area,
a self-guided course featuring more than 20 relevant, practical lessons conveniently organized into
FOUR Classes plus a FREE BONUS Section, addressing issues like:

checkmarkEating right for a healthy twins (or triplets) pregnancy

checkmarkOrganizing your home for the arrival of your newborns

checkmarkBonding with more than one baby

checkmarkBreast and/or bottle-feeding multiples

checkmarkSecrets for finding the right stroller

checkmarkDealing with sleep deprivation

checkmarkCaring for your partner in the event of post-partem depression

checkmarkKeeping the flame alive in your parental relationship

… and many more!

Each lesson presents just the right amount of information at a time.  You and your partner can choose to work through the lessons in logical sequence as presented in the course.  Or, customize your learning experience, and navigate between classes, completing lessons from each of the sections in a way that meets your personal needs and suits your schedule.

You will love the convenience of completing your prenatal classes from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you have Internet access!

Many people are intrigued by the idea of online classes delivered at a pace that suits their needs, in the convenience of their own home or workplace, but worry that this type of prenatal instruction is too unconventional. “Wouldn’t we be better off taking hospital course?”, you may be wondering.

Fear not! With Babies in Belly, you are in good hands!

Your Instructor:

Certified teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) for over a decade
5 years of experience with expectant parents of multiples just like youVera-and-twin-boys
Member of MBC’s Health and Education Committee
Mother of mono-zygotic twin boys

Best of all, Vera is available to you for FREE consultation throughout your course!

Here’s what some of our happy customers
have to say:

“Excellent insight, some great tips that we did not come across in books, and Vera has an amazing network of professionals involved in different aspects of our pregnancy. We have been very impressed with the services and knowledge of each individual she has recommended to us.”
– Oakville, Ontario

“Thanks again for everything!  We are very excited to share the news that our healthy twin daughters have now safely arrived!  All is well, and we’re using many of your great lessons everyday.”
– Mississauga, Canada

For the past five years, I have been invited into people’s homes as a multiples-specific prenatal consultant, to advise and prepare them for the arrival of their little ones.

This sort of customized service can get extremely pricey, but with the power of the Internet, you can now access this course worldwide, in a more easily accessible and user-friendly format, and at a price anyone can afford!

My hope is that by crafting an informative, clear and engaging online course, I can be of service to you wherever you might live, to help you prepare for the arrival of your multiples.

Together, you and your partner will:

checkmarkEngage in hearfelt conversations and play interactive games
checkmarkRead relevant materials and explore a number of exciting and pertinant websites
checkmarkView video clips and photos to supplement your learning visually

“Is an online course going to be interactive enough?” you may be wondering.  The answer is YES!

One of the reasons I began this business was because my husband and I felt that the prenatal classes we took while pregnant with Alex and Simon did not prepare us for the intense reality of life with twins.

Firstly, we didn’t really get anything from our classes that we hadn’t already read in a book somewhere.

Secondly, none of the hospital instructors were parents of multiples, so while we got a lot of good medical information, we didn’t hear an honest, heartfelt account of what it was REALLY going to be like, bringing home more than one newborn.  And while we enjoyed some of the activities presented in the course, there was a lot of “sit and git”, something I as a constructivist educator am totally opposed to!

By working through an online course at your own pace, you get the information YOU need, when you need it most!

You and your partner will watch videos, complete individual and cooperative exercises together, view visual and written content, and play interactive games.  You will love the flexibility of our classes: Each lesson takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes to complete,  so you and your partner can fit the classes into your day or week in a way that best suits your schedule.

The four sections of the course include lessons on many practical topics:

I. Introduction and Overview of Multiples-Pregnancy
Five highly engaging and interactive lessons ideal to complete
as soon as you find out you are carrying twins, triplets or more.

QuadrupletsII. Gear and Supplies
Includes strollers and more — great to complete
early in the second trimester, if possible.

III. Feeding: Breast, Bottle or Both?
Figure it out with 3 highly visual and comprehensive lessons!

IV. Birth and Beyond: Labour, Delivery and Bringing Babies Home
Managing bathtime with more than one baby, coping with crying,
organizing your volunteers, dealing with post-partem depression,
keeping the flame alive… 8 lessons to get you through the final weeks
of your pregnancy and into the first several months of Multiples parenthood!

Our FREE Bonus Section includes an informative handout on loving your preemies, tips and secrets shared by older parents of multiples, a Dad’s Corner and more….

Upon registration, you will be sent an email with a password good for 9 months of unlimited access to our “Members” section.  That’s FOUR CLASSES plus a FREE BONUS section, each full of individual lessons (over 20 lessons in total), jam-packed with important, timely and heartfelt information on managing your multiples pregnancy and preparing for the arrival of your twins, triplets or more!

You can sit and work for as long or short a time as is comfortable or possible for you in each session.

You can revisit specific lesson information at any time during the course, and of course, with BabiesInBelly, you always have access to the instructor by email any hour of the day or night.  In some cases, arranging a personal phone call is also a possibility.

I am a mother of twins, and I have worked with many multiple birth families.  I am here to help you!

Are you wondering how you will manage two or more newborns at home?  Babies in Belly’s multiples-specific prenatal course includes handy tips on setting up bath time, arranging the nursery (or nurseries), managing feeding and so much more!

You may be wondering where to find multiples-specific breast- or bottle-feeding information.

Our prenatal course will help you…

…wade through the mounds of information out there about this politically and emotionally charged topic, so that YOU can decide what will work best for YOUR family!

• Are you concerned about finding a prenatal course that meets your needs as expectant parents of multiples?

• Are you having trouble finding classes that are close to home?

• Are you worried about fighting traffic, finding parking and then sitting in a hard, uncomfortable chair surrounded by a bunch of strangers for 3 or 4 hours at a time?

Babies in Belly is always in sync with your schedule!

Better than a book, more convenient than a class, Babies in Belly is pleased to offer you a hassle-free, easy-to-access alternative, right here on your home computer or laptop.

No long and boring medical lectures !
No traffic or parking hassles!
No signing up months in advance…

…just a series of engaging, heartfelt lessons professionally organized into four relevant sections that you and your partner can access anytime throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

The more experience I acquire, the more I am confirmed in my belief that good, multiples-specific prenatal instruction, begun early on in the pregnancy and continued as post-natal support (if possible) can

Save Time, Money, Heartache
and much emotional and physical Trauma…

…for both YOU and your multiple-birth children!

We were lucky; in Toronto, there are two to three twins-specific prenatal classes taught at the bigger downtown hospitals (though we still had to fight traffic and pay for parking!) But outside the city core, expectant parents are hard-pressed to find a prenatal course that specializes in multiple births.

Whether you live in Toronto or anywhere else in the world,

BabiesInBelly is accessible to you!

Discover a paradise of timely, relevant and practical parenting preparation in your own home, at the office, in a local cafe, or anywhere you and your partner have Internet access!

Allow me to “come to you”, and deliver the information and support you need now in order to embark successfully on this exciting new adventure as a family.   Five classes, consisting of over 20 “lessons” in total, will guide you through the learning process as you prepare for your new arrivals.


Why enroll in our course?

checkmarkMultiples-specific information delivered when YOU need it most
checkmarkWork at your own pace from the convenience of your home or office
checkmarkPractical, insightful information delivered by a certified teacher and mother of twins
checkmark5 classes with over 20 lessons, delivered at a fraction of the cost of most hospital courses!


Are you wondering what to feed Mom so she can grow strong, healthy babies?
Worrying about all the expenses associated with bringing home two or more infants?
Thinking about how you and your partner will handle the sleep deprivation
associated with newborn twins, triplets or more?

Babies in Belly’s convenient, online prenatal course will help ease these concerns and many others!

Father with 2 bottlesThe first section of our course includes 5 lessons to give you an overview of the multiples pregnancy reality, and guides you to a wide variety of support networks for parents expecting twins, triplets or more.

Next, you and your partner will work through 3 lessons that guide you through strollers and other gear and supplies you will need (and not need) for two or more babies.

Then it’s on to the often-contraversial topic of feeding: breast, bottle or both?  Lots of pictures, interactive activities and even some video footage will help you and your partner decide what might work best for your family.

Finally, it’s time to prepare for birth and beyond.

What are the pros and cons of vaginal birth vs. a C-section?

• How will you bathe two or more babies?

• What do you do with several babies crying at the same time?

• How do you manage to keep the spark alive when it feels like all you ever do is feed babies,
change diapers, and do laundry???

Babies in Belly’s convenient, online prenatal course will answer these questions…

…and many more in an easy-to-follow, engaging format, all from the convenience of your own home, office, or anywhere you have Internet access!  In fact, why not head down to the local coffee shop once a week with your laptop, and do your lessons there?  You will love the convenience of our online format!


Looking for Deals and Discounts?

BabiesinBelly.com has arranged several discounts with YOU, the expectant parent of multiples, in mind.  Once you enroll in our course, you not only gain 9 months of unlimited access to our online prenatal course, but in addition, you get special discounts on baby gear, meal prep and delivery and more!

As a Babies in Belly client, you will recieve special offers and passwords throughout the course, which you may wish to take advantage of during your pregnancy and beyond.

Parents of twins, triplets and more have extra expenses — you should get special deals, and with Babies in Belly, you do!

As a special bonus for enrolling in our course today, we will offer you 4 extra BONUS lessons, at no additional charge.  Download a FREE handout on Bringing Home Preemies, visit our “Dad’s Corner”, learn about Singleton Siblings and more… all at NO EXTRA CHARGE when you enroll in our multiples-specific prenatal course today!

Ready to Begin?

1.  Click below to pay through PayPal ($97 USD, 9 month subscription):

2. You will receive a password, good for 9 months of access to the course site.

3. You and your partner begin working through the material anytime you wish.

Questions you may have…

Isn’t a group class better because we will get to meet other people who are also expecting multiples?

Meeting and maintaining relationships with other POMs (”Parents of Multiples”) is vital to a successful parenting experience.

In the first section of the course, we’ll explore practical ways to do this online and in-person, and you will be supplied with local and national networks, resources and organizations that support families with twins, triplets and more.

Why do I need a multiples-specific prenatal class?  Can’t I just take any old prenatal class?

As you’ve probably already discovered if you are carrying more than one baby and have done a little reading, being pregnant with multiples is vastly different than carrying a singleton. There are different risks as well as deeper and broader levels of preparation required for carrying, birthing and raising multiple birth children.  A practical  approach to prenatal preparation, shared by someone who’s “been there” can help you increase your confidence as you await the arrival of your new babies.

You may also find that in a “regular” prenatal class, you are a bit of a circus act–everyone else either admires or pities you. This can become quite tiresome after the initial novelty wears off!  Our multiples-specific approach is geared specifically towards those expecting twins, triplets or more.

What’s the difference between “Babies in Belly” e-course and a hospital prenatal class?

BabiesInBelly consists of the following four sections, each broken down into just the right amount of information at a time, presented through engaging, interactive “lessons” or sub-topics:

checkmark Introduction
checkmarkGear and Supplies
checkmarkFeeding: Breast, Bottle or Both?
checkmarkBringing Babies Home

FREE Bonus Materials (Including “Dad’s Corner”, “Singleton Siblings” and more…)

That’s over 20 lessons, or approximately 10 hours of learning!

You will find that I cover many of the same topics as the hospital courses, but the topics are delivered with more of a personal touch, since I myself have experienced through the process of carrying, bearing and parenting multiples.  I also focus on more of a long-term vision of parenting multiples, since this challenge is one that does not end with labour and delivery.

Another thing I try to do differently than many hospital-based prenatal courses is to address contentious issues like feeding and diapering with a critical lense, and give you objective information about several options. This way you are better equipped to make choices that best meet the needs of your family.

As with any prenatal course, the information in my classes is intended for informational purposes only, and expectant families are encouraged to follow-up any specific medical concerns with their physician or OBGYN.

A hospital class sometimes offers a tour of the birthing unit. If you happen to be delivering at the hospital where you are taking the course, this can be quite helpful. However, know that you can book a hospital tour at your own neo-natal unit anytime, and need not be enrolled in any special course to do so.

How soon should we sign up for prenatal classes?

I recommend enrolling in BabiesInBelly course as soon as you find out you are pregnant with more than one, since Section One covers many pregnancy-related issues and answers most of the the “what’s it all about with twins/triplets/quads”-type questions.

The course then moves on to give you a good overview of all the gear and supplies you’ll need, so it’s a good idea to complete Section Two (”Gear and Supplies”) before you go shopping for all your “stuff”, usually sometime near the beginning of the second trimester (this allows for more time to plan and budget for what you’ll need).

The third section of the course addresses breast and bottle feeding, and Section Four deals primarily with baby care, sleep issues and other parenting matters, so it is useful to wait until the third trimester for this one. Since multiples frequently arrive early, I reccommend beginning sooner rather than later. Should you find yourself hospitalized early or on bedrest, your course is of course accessible bedside at home or hospital (provided you have Internet access).

Enroll Today!

More Questions?  Please, contact us for speedy, personal response.


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