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"What Makes Endless Diapers and Sleepless Nights... Worthwhile" - Babies in Belly

“What Makes Endless Diapers and Sleepless Nights… Worthwhile”


Posted by vera | Posted in Parenting | Posted on 13-11-2009

twin boys on couchWorking hard on the computer tonight, and periodically throwing a “STOP!” over my shoulder  at the boys, who were wrestling on the couch while watching Treehouse…  Suddenly I became aware it was omonously quiet. What were they up to now?!  I looked over, and there they were, snuggled up together like two little bunnies!!!  Ahhhh, twins.  THIS, my friends, is what makes the endless diapers and sleepless nights of the first three years all worthwhile.  The long-awaited pay-off has arrived!

No sooner did I try to snap their peaceful photo, though, then they became deliriously silly, climbing all over one another.

I suppose they will soon enough be angry teenagers, telling me where to go!

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