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Why the First Year with Twins is a Blur - Babies in Belly

Why the First Year with Twins is a Blur


Posted by vera | Posted in Parenting | Posted on 05-04-2012

the first year with twinsToday we have a special guest post from Joe Rawlinson of DadsGuideToTwins.com.
Joe is the father of two boys and identical twin girls, and is also a new friend of BabiesinBelly.com. Enjoy!

Before our twins were born, we had friends with twins tell us that the first year would be a blur. I believed them because I figured they knew what they were talking about. However, I didn’t realize exactly what they meant until I lived the experience.

You’ll be in a blur with your new twins for several reasons:

• You’ll be suffering from sleep deprivation.
• There will be no time to relax.
• You’ll constantly be taking care of one baby or the other.
• Every day will seem like the last.
• You won’t be eating as well as you should since you’re so busy with the babies.
• If you have other kids, they will be extra demanding of your attention because you, out of necessity, are giving more to the twins.
• If your twins were in the NICU, you’ll have logged countless hours at the hospital.

This foggy haze will cloud your judgment and make days quite challenging.

You can make the first year easier for you and your family. Just be mindful of your body, situation, and family members:

• Plan ahead – as my mother-in-law always told my wife: “plan for the worst, expect the best, and take what comes”
• Stock the freezer with easy ready-to-heat-up meals – for when you’re hungry but don’t have time to cook (which will happen a lot)
• Stick to a schedule – so both you and your twins have a sense of normalcy
• Sleep when your babies sleep – if you are tired, get some rest and let the “to-do” list wait for later
• Eat healthily – you’ll need the energy to keep up with your twins
• Keep logs of vital tasks (feeding and diapering babies) – this will help supplement your fuzzy memory
•Get out of the house – don’t forget to take your wife with you
• Exercise – take care of your body and it will help you with the demands of the first year
• Get a helper to relieve or assist you – an extra pair of hands will make life a lot easier
• Enjoy the happy moments – yes, there will be funny, memorable, and happy moments during the first year. Enjoy them!

As your twins get older, life gets back to a new normal that isn’t such a blur. Keep your chin up and hang in there!

You can find Joe Rawlinson on his blog, dadsguidetotwins.com or on Twitter @twindadjoe.

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