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With Quadruplets, It's All About the Schedule! - Babies in Belly

With Quadruplets, It’s All About the Schedule!


Posted by vera | Posted in Sleep | Posted on 08-01-2010

QuadrupletsTwo weeks before they were due, our friend Ricardo, soon-to-be-father of quadruplets, consulted me on “when babies can sleep through the night”.  I explained that – provided they were getting enough calories during the day, and were otherwise healthy – there was no biological reason they couldn’t be sleeping 6-8 hours a night by 3 months.  BUT, I warned him, there were many other contributing factors:  illness of babies or either parent, amount and quality of daytime sleep, teething, etc. etc.

He paid no heed to my warnings, and merrily marked off the 3-month mark on the large calendar they had installed in the main living area, which was to become the hub of the household, once the four babies arrived.

Driving home that day after helping out with some meal prep and organizational set-up, my partner and I laughed about how “clue-less” our friend was.

As it turned out, Ricardo got the last laugh, however.

Three months TO THE DAY after the babies came home from the hospital, they were sleeping through the night!!!

Ricardo and his wife were extremely diligent about the schedule with their four preemies.  They read books I had reccommended, in Spanish (they are Colombian), before the babies arrived. And once home with their four little ones, religiously followed the routines established by the NICU.

The pre-arrival reading, investigating and planning, coupled with their willingness to stick to a sometimes socially demanding schedule for the first several months of the babies’ lives helped this family set themselves up for success in terms of sleep.  Over the long run, their children have been good sleepers, and Mom and Dad have been able to preserve their energy to meet the daily, weekly, monthly demands of four growing babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers.

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