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Dinner Out with THREE Sets of Twins! - Babies in Belly

Dinner Out with THREE Sets of Twins!


Posted by vera | Posted in Parenting | Posted on 25-12-2009

The other night we had dinner at Jack Astor’s.

We, meaning my husband and I, our twin boys, friends of ours from our local multiple births support group and their twin boys and the twins we volunteer with from the twins/triplets family.  If you counted correctly, that is THREE sets of twins – 6 boys, all about 5 years old!

Spending two hours with these little bundles of energy reminded me why we should be paying Kindergarten teachers WAAAAY more than they currently get paid!

It was all we could do to get everyone sitting and eating at the same time, and to keep them sitting and relatively quiet while the adults finished their own meal.  The waitstaff was impressed by our mere presence – one server remarked that she had never been in a room with 3 sets of twins, let alone serve them dinner!  The other patrons, however, were not so amused; I noticed several dirty looks thrown our way as two or more little boys squealed with rather, er, “loud” excitement at any given time.

This was definitely one of those occasions when leaving a big tip is in order!

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